There is trust, comfort, peace, sincerity in the happiness. (in the expenditure). People are gratify and happy by things that make their life easier.
People are happy where they feel peace and feel comfort.
Cityloft is a place of happiness in different characteristics and located in different centers of the city.
It has atmospheres that meet various needs and understanding of happiness.

Cityloft is a boutique hotel.
Cityloft is a city hotel.
Cityloft is for business.
Cityloft is for holiday.
Cityloft is your home.
Cityloft is your student house.
Cityloft is big enough, small enough.
Cityloft is colored.
Cityloft is young.
Cityloft is grown.
Cityloft is a city.

Cityloft is designed for you with all the privileges and equipment which make you feel special. And it’s your choice whether step into happiness or not.


Giray Yapi with its many years of experience in building contruction industry by combining our knowledge in the field of accommodation, with the Cityloft brand we offer an unusual hotel and accommodation service. 

Cityloft hotel and Residence Inn By Marriott concept, which has the concept of providing a sense of home to those staying at the hotel 
and the comfort of a hotel to those who live in rent, raises the standards of accommodation service by meeting 
all kinds of needs and expectations with the long-term apartment options of the Residence Inn By Marriott concept.

As a group, we are continuing to increase our strong presence in the sector with our ongoing new investments and projects.

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