Bistro Cabana

Cabana Bistro with a unique atmosphere to the finest detail and thoughtful design in the region, enjoyable and delicious food accompanied by quality live music for a night is the undisputed choice of those who want to spend. The rich lunch menu and special delicatessen dishes offer many more similar delicacies at more accessible prices. Bistro Cabana. 100% Live More »


It All Started With Our Love For Istanbul, Rakı Tables Set With Friends And Our Unique Fasıl Names. We Loved Istanbul, Especially Kadıköy… We Were Women Sitting at the Rakı Table with Love. As Can Yücel Says, Women Who Aged the Disaster, Who Laughed and Loved the Great… More »

Bosphore Yachts

Bosphore Yachts – works Turkey and the world’s largest tour operators - offer you luxury yatch chartering and organization services for your accommodation, meetings and organizations. Our yatchs in Istanbul’s most fascinating and most precious strait strip, welcome you with VIP services that provide the comfort of a luxury hotel in the comfort of home. More »

Batıayaz Kebapçısı

Batıayaz Kebapçısı is a part of Antakya’s food culture and a reflection of its tradition. Properly aged and carefully selected meats are cooked and marinated with regional spices, such as parsley, garlic and pepper. The meat is sliced very thinly, removing its nerves, in order to make it really tender and tasty. Batıayaz Kebapçısı is still proudly keeping the Traditional Antakya Kitchen Culture alive in İstanbul. More »

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